Monday, August 13, 2012

Pinspiration Project #1: Halloween 2011 - Barbie Doll Head

Happy Monday!  While I don't have a "new" project to share with you, I do have a few projects that I have done in the past year after being inspired on Pinterest.  So while I get into the groove of the beginning of a new school year and adjust to an actual daily routine, I figured I would share some previous projects to start us off.

Today I am going to share with you the Halloween costume that I made last year.

I am a Barbie Girl, so when I saw this on Pinterest last year I was so excited!  I thought the costume was not only super fun, but pretty unique.  I had never come in contact with anyone in this costume in all my years of Halloween parties and such.

The original pin can be seen here:

Here was my final result:

My hubby dressed up as Ken

Items needed to re-create this costume:
Large piece of cardboard - cut out the center to fit around your arms/shoulders snuggly.
Round tablecloth (I used plastic)
Random make up, make up brushes, hair curlers, brush, comb, etc.  (I glued these down with a hot glue gun)
You can't see in the picture but I also cut out a small circle near my left arm/shoulder to make myself a perfect drink holder.  LOL!  I had a Pink Solo Cup complete with a straw so that I was able to have a few beverages.  
Wig (optional) I just thought it gave me more of that "fake" doll appearance.

I wore a strapless tank top and jeans.  The tablecloth draped down over most of my legs.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have seen something that just may have "pin"spired you!

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