Monday, August 20, 2012

Jeepers Creepers!

Happy Monday!  I am back with another weekly "PINSPIRATION" Project!

Again, in order to try and get a bit ahead of myself here, I am sharing a project I made last year!  I cannot wait for Halloween time so I can bust it out to add some Halloween Decor to our home!

I saw the original idea HERE.

I will say it took a lot longer than I had anticipated.  I think it roughly took me 3 days to get it all finished.
I do love the finished product!  If you'd like to have one of these, but don't have the time or the crafty experience...let me know!  I would be happy to create one for you for a fee.  Please contact me!

Check it out in my Etsy Store.

To Make Your Own:
Wood Frame (got mine from Michael's)
Small wood letters (Michael's)
Various Googly Eyes (Michael's)
Craft Paint (Michael's)
Ribbon (PTI)
Glue Gun/Craft Glue
Black paper/stamp/white ink


I hope to PINSPIRE you again next week!

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