Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creative Ca$h Projects

Money can be a fun gift for the recipient, but sometimes, it doesn't always feel quite so fun when giving it out!  So I have been looking for fun ways to give CA$H GIFTS!  

Recently, both of my nephews graduated.  One graduated from 8th grade and is entering high school and the older one just graduated from high school.  

For Christmas this year, I actually gave them both boxes of kleenex....filled with a roll of money I had taped up to come out when the first tissue was actually pulled.  They got a big kick out of that.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of those.  (I am now kicking myself for not getting any documentation from that projects).  And it certainly didn't last long once they discovered I did not just give them the cheapest and most ridiculous Christmas gift ever!  :)  There are quite a few of these projects found on Pinterest HERE.

So here is what I came up with for their graduation gifts.

For the 8th grader I rolled up single dollar bills to look like little diplomas and put them in a clear cellophane bag.  I also inserted the card I made for him as well (complete with personalized school colors).  I then added a topper to the bag to close it all up.  (I later personalized it a bit more by stamping his name on the topper in big, bold white letters).  

For my older nephew, I saw this idea floating around on the internet and went for it!  I knew if I succeeded in creating this "Money" Tie, that my nephew would be awesome enough to actually wear it....AND HE his graduation ceremony!!!

I think it turned out pretty great!  The only changes I would ever have more cash and make it out of $50's and $100's!  LOL!  (I will continue to will all my nephews and nieces).  

Here is how I presented it to him.  I went out and got a dress shirt in his size and attached the tie to it.  I then added some colorful crumpled tissue paper to the bottom of a shirt box and placed it in there with his card.  I left a top off of it...I mean, come on, I wanted to get some "ooohhs and ahhhhs" from the other grad party attendees.  :)

Both of these projects are simple to put together.  All you need is some ca$h.  :)

1st project:
- roll bills up as tightly as you can and tie with ribbon.

2nd project:
money (I used $35)
tie (for template) 
scotch tape

I just had my husband tie a tie as he normally would and then we loosened it up and took it off and I laid it out on some paper.  I then traced around it from the knot to the bottom of the tie and back up.  I cut that out and had my template to start taping money to it.  I just used regular scotch tape.  The front of the tie is what you need to concentrate on, but the back of the tie I just kind of covered it all up with the extra bills so you could not see the paper template anymore.  

Thanks for stopping by and letting me {PIN}spire you!  


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  2. This is a really cute idea with the tie. Great job!

  3. thank you so much for all the great ideas!I'm so tired of trying to think of giftcards to give the young people in our family for graduations, and some live so far away that I don't know them very well.

  4. Last Christmas I made glycerin soap and inserted the bills in the middle. It took some of the nieces and nephews until May to "wash" their way to riches. No braking or digging or the $$ was forfeited.

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  6. Love this tie idea~ how did he wear it? What was it connected to so he could wear it for his ceremony???

  7. Thanks!! He just safety pinned it to his shirt.

  8. How do you make it instructions please

  9. How? I make this? this would be a perfect Father Day Gift

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